The Sleepers //14-16

The Sleepers

The history of Palermo has a strong role for Alessandro Leggio’s ‘Sleepers’. This artwork was inspired by the famous mummies of the city that rest in the Cappuccini’s Catacombs since the XVI century. As a result of the high request, through the centuries, the monastery became a proper cemetery which hosts around 8,000 mummies. A show that hardly does not impress, even more so, given the peace and silence that overwhelms the place, playing as background for the thousands of bodies that hang on the walls of each niche. Like butterflies in their cocoons, they rest.

This shape - which preserves the human body, protects it, conserves it and operates exactly as a Mum-my - is reinvented through the contemporary eyes of the artists. He merges this traditional practice with the social and political greatest seisms of our contemporaneity and Sicilian politic. Through the materials used, Alessandro evokes the instinct of preservation and migration that naturally lay in human beings

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