Glutenfree //18-19


The idea on how an object can suddenly change for the public opinion is an intere- sting starting point for a reflection about the capitalistic system, that through the exploitation of its products, creates self consumption and generates an inevitable series of tensions which result into cracks that question the system itself, and uncover new aspects of its obsolescence.

Through the unstoppable demand of highly consumable products, the markets are forced to satisfy the inextinguishable desire for fresh products, ready to be consu- med. On top of many, food!

It is a phenomenon of the last few years that an always growing number of people, are starting to develop intolerances towards some aliments, among many is gluten.

This circumstance is creating a regression of the production of food that contain flours with an abnormal level of gluten, caused by the forced industrialisation of the market and the society demand. On the other side, the ostracism of an aliment that is been ingested for millennia by human beings and that now appear to be obsolete, seen nowadays as the public enemy, driving the consumers choice towards some more natural alternatives.

In this case the machine of capitalism is digesting a product that has been created in excess during the years, and is exploiting further its image for promoting new products as alternatives, the same destiny is happening to cow smilk and dairy in general, more and more replaced by soya or almond milk.

At this point that I decided to give the right space to this scorned aliment of which existence was ignored by the majority of the population few years ago. The idea is to use this waste material, leaving a message through it, and giving to it an aesthetic function in order to compensate the the loss of its natural function. In this case the artist is fighting for the right denied by the speculative logic of an obsolete system.

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