Curtains //17


Started in 2017, this project is inspired by the function of the curtains in the Flemish Baroque paintings. Besides their aesthetic, these objects were usually presented as divisors and frames for addressing the public’s attention towards the main scene of the painting.

My research sparks from this historical example and translates itself into a contem- porary readapted version. Using modern materials and a ready-made aesthetic, I created my own version of the Flemish curtains, assembling four sleeping bags.

Following its historical and literal meaning of ‘Naturehike’, my curtains represent a division between indoor and outdoor spaces. Nevertheless, they evolve as space themselves. They become living and liveable borders, whit their own physical and tangible dimension. The Curtains are borders, but their dimension diversifies them from the virtual lines that politically separate countries.

This is the reason why this project is so unique and important for me, as it embo- dies the essence of his native region. The curtains perfectly show the ambiguity of geographic borders, as much as they stay ambiguous in Sicily, where I come from. In this land, at the bottom of Europe and at the hedge of Africa, cultures and popula- tions come together in one space, letting cultures encounter and develop themselves, ignoring the political scission of the maps. Sicily is a border itself, and a liveable one.

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