Compro Oro //18-19

Compro Oro

The effect of the forced marketing in a society that is going through an economic crisis has something implacable. The trade of the memory embedded in the family jewels awakened a particular interest in me, and how the society reacts to this kind of phenomena. On one side, this is similar to the behaviour seen within the type of shops that buy gold for cash, where there is a slightly dodgy atmosphere mixed with the embarrassment of people when they sell their gold. On the other side, the fact that many of these shops are located in the city centres, such as Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

Another aspect that interests me is the fact that there were people on the street distributing some business card like leaflets, in order to promote the convenience of these shops, they seemed to be all from South America or Africa. There is therefore a sort of reluctance from natives in doing this kind of job (can we call it job?); the thing that fascinated me most was the cynical attitude in which some people, probably coming from the proletarian class, in this case the people that were leafleting, con- tributed indirectly to erase the memory of people that probably came from the same social group (those who sell the gold).

The trade of objects in gold (usually family rings and necklaces, objects that holds the family memories) that people, effected by the economic recession started to sell to these shops. The trade is interesting because it’s depriving people of their own memories, and melt them into new objects that will be sold to other people. Activa- ting a phenomena of speculation at expense of a weaker layer of the society. There is a combination of elements that attracted me particularly, such as the use of high visibility jackets as uniform to attract the attention of people, and they make me re-evaluate the concept of uniform and work itself. Is this really a job? How is this effecting or beneficial for the society?

A form of attraction for the weakest through the forced promotion, almost a specta- colarization of the role, and its uniform. An idea of performance occur, a real promo- tion, a spectacolarization of this sad trade of memory. The result of the promotion will be the trade of gold from people. All those memories will be melted together to recreate one of the business cards that are distributed on the street and that is the banner of this unusual speculation. The memories disappear for creating the item that will contribute in erasing them.

Advertising worker in Puerta del Sol in Madrid; 2018

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