My research explores the ‘grey areas’, intended as the ambivalent state of objects as places and vice-versa. A con- dition that migrating populations face when moving from difficult areas with social and economic conflicts towards more wealthy and stable places. Through my practice, I examine the same phenomenon even under a more narrowed sphere, observing how gentrification causes people’s movements within metropolises.

Using existing objects, I redefine spaces that evoke both nomadic and transacting characteristics. My artworks em- body a virtual and cultural functionality in nuanced and hybrid places. In the project ‘Curtains’, the research takes a direct and clear physical translation. The materials used for creating the artwork are at the same time physical surfaces, borders, and places. My Curtains perfectly represent the physical, emotional and political role of borders: imaginary limits that converge plural and coexisting functions within their inexistent space.

My practice takes strong inspiration from my roots and life experiences.
Born in a small town in Sicily, I always experienced first-hand the exceptional dualistic characteristic of my native re- gion. A stubborn and culturally independent land, part of a nation from which it is strongly separated both physically and culturally. The social and historical context which surrounds me, together with Art History’s topoi build together the strongest form of inspiration for my practice and art.

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